Support and assistance

Constant and committed collaboration with our customers enables us to integrate our technology with their needs, present and future. Our motion solutions always offer real competitive advantages for our customers’ automation systems. Our technical staff follows projects from the very beginning and are always on hand to provide whatever assistance a customer needs. Our technical assistance service helps customers select the best possible solution for the application in hand and goes on to provide training and after-sales support.

Technical assistance
Motor Power Company sees efficient assistance as an integral part of customer relations - relations that are always built on a thorough understanding of the market and of customer needs. A team of engineers and technicians follow each customer from the moment a request is made, providing support throughout the selection and development of exactly the right solution.


Product termination KTY84-130 temperature sensor: PT1000 is the successor

KTY temperature sensor is no longer available in the market. The PT1000 is the alternative successor to be used for all our motors from 1st January, 2017.
(Warning: the temperature characteristic is not compatible!)

With the application team we will accompany the individual phases of the changeover. Application engineers are available for any need and information.

What is the impact when the KTY is no longer used?

Motors with PT1000 temperature sensor will be assigned a new article number.

The bundles "any motor + FLEXI-PRO drive" remain fully compatible.
In case of units used as spare parts, no compatibility is assured, therefore please contact our application team for assistance.

More information about product delivery date, functionality, order numbers, technical data, etc. are given by our front office staff.


Our specialist repair department guarantees efficient support if ever products need repair or replacement. For us, technical assistance is the natural follow-up for all sales. The terms and conditions regulating our customer service are clearly stated and can be consulted in a dedicated document (available from the Downloads area and from the space below).

Training courses

Motor Power Company also organises information and technical training courses for its products as part of a policy of continuous customer service and relationship building.