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Direct Robot

Mechatronic core solutions

Direct Robot is a mechatronic robot solution based on direct drive linear technology that comes ready for installation and programming. It comes in gantry and slide bar configurations, both offering excellent dynamics and high precision, even when handling heavy loads. Direct Robot's mechanical structure is designed for quick and easy installation. Programming Direct Robot is simple and user friendly thanks to a complete command library compiled specifically to maximise system efficiency. The Direct Robot mechatronic system is ideal for sorting, palletising, picking and placing, cutting, assembling, printing, visual inspection and in any other application that demands excellent dynamics and precision.


Direct Robot Gantry – Characteristics:

  • Direct drive of up to 8 synchronised axes
  • Control of up to 16 synchronised axes
  • Double Y axis
  • 25 kg load capacity without vertical axis 
  • 7 kg load capacity with vertical axis 
  • Able to work with superimposed areas

Direct Robot Slide Bar – Characteristics:

  • Direct drive of up to 4 synchronised axes
  • X and Y axes combined by a technopolymer rail with directly coupled end effector. Reduced movement losses and consistently high dynamic response
  • Control of up to 16 synchronised axes
  • 10 kg load capacity