Gearless motorized rollers  MTR - GEARLESS MOTOROLLERS


Gearless Motoroller

Motor Power Company keeps developing new concepts in sorting and material handling. Our goal is sharing with the market our domain expertise in intralogistics; innovative solutions through our gearless technology products. 
We propose motion control bundles composed by gearless motorollers and smart drives. All our solutions are in-house developed and are particularly oriented for control, movement, storage and protection of materials and products throughout manufacturing, sorting, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal.


NO GEARS, that's why we are better.

These perfect matched bundles costituted by gearless motorollers and smart drives have been conceived as a specific product for conveyor, crossbelt or any roller transfer systems. Two versions are proposed; frameless cartridges without tube, to be inserted into the roller to be moved, and power pack version, a ready to use motoroller embedded in its own  tube. The technology on which the motor is based comes from the direct drive torque motors. Consequently, the motion is transmitted directly from the motoroller to the load, without any gear.

Motoroller without gears ensures:

> High MTBF, as the motoroller needs less components than the standard kinematic chain
> System efficiency increase due to the absence of gears inside the motoroller
> Accuracy,  due to the feedback reliability
> High dynamic thanks to the direct drive technology
> Easy replacement, with the autoaddressing system of DMR Drives, the substitution with a new motoroller does not require any configuration action
> Easy commissioning, due to a unique part number, there are no different gearbox ratios to handle according to different speed needs
> Wide speed availability, one motoroller for all speed range