Drive Integrato

Ac synchronous drive integrated servo motors

Motion, positioning and control with power and efficiency without foregoing precision and speed: Motor Power Company caters to these needs through a comprehensive line-up of brushless servo motors with integrated drive technology. Ac synchronous servo motors you can rely on featuring smart drives with a wide choice of fieldbus options for vastly controlled motion solutions.

Capability to respond quickly to changes in the control signal, making them suitable for applications that require fast and precise motion such as robotics, machine tools and automated manufacturing systems, where precise control of the servo motor's output is required, too.


Servomotore Con Drive Integrato DUET 1


Drive integrated servo motor

The range represents never-before-seen performance potential in smart brushless controller thanks to its ultra-compact design and heat dissipation characteristics.


Duet HV

Drive integrated servo motor

DUET HV is the latest high-voltage DUET series of integrated drive brushless servo motors that also incorporate absolute encoders, for uncompromising positioning accuracy.

Servomotore Con Drive Integrato DUET FLEXI 1

Duet Flexi

Drive integrated servo motor

As extension of the drive integrated brushless servo motors range, DUET FLEXI responds to the increasing demand for full integrated motion control products with advanced functions.


Duet AD Advanced Design

Drive integrated servo motor

These low voltage dc brushless drive integrated servo motors offer all the features and advantages of the Duet series with the added benefit of a lower cost, achieved through an original and optimised integration design.