Company Hero

See it before it happens

Anticipate it... when it comes to a need, the drawback of an application, the proposal of a solution. This is our mindset when we develop our designs and projects, fuelled by the deep collaborative relationship we build with our partners, with whom we share the penchant for creating technology and innovation that on our customers’ machinery and devices translate into practical and measurable competitive advantages.


About us

We established our company in 1989 in a region that has become legendary in the world for its mechanical engineering culture and tradition. This place taught us to be practical and grounded, but also creative and far-sighted, and it is here that we continue to nourish our roots.

The second generation is now leading Motor Power Company and championing the company’s core values of people-centricity and technology. The company continues to move on a growth path and not just in terms of business. 

We are a reliable partner to many
multinational companies looking for
competence and flexibility.


years of


million motors


% of turnover
invested in R&D


Vertical skills

We understand the needs of the machine and fully grasp the demands of markets that greatly differ from one to another yet basically have the common goal of making products in increasingly efficient, reliable and sustainable ways.

Integrated skills

We are the go-to team to discuss and tackle out-of-the-box solutions; our substantial design, construction and application know-how flows from 30+ years of active experience in the market and the rich specialised talent of the people who have joined the company over the years, eager to gain transferable skills and tap into a wider knowledge base.


The human factor is an abundant resource we promote and tap into on a daily basis by going all out to be outside-the-box thinkers, understand the perspective of our customers and invite an intimate level of sharing.


Azienda Nuova Sede

Reggio Emilia (coming soon...)

The architectural complex, designed by architect Andrea Oliva, will be built in Reggio Emilia. A factory model that goes beyond the classic rules of production buildings through a combination of public and private spaces; a symbol of the city, which will see the introduction of facilities such as a gym, dining area...

Azienda Sede Cina


Through the creation of a manufacturing plant in China, we implemented an international development approach whose aim was to ensure proximity for European companies with Asian operations and, at the same time, to be an active part of one of the most innovative and fastest-growing markets in the world in terms of technological innovation.

Azienda Sostenibilità

Our sustainable commitment

We take our people, our company and the environment to heart.
For a long time, we have been committed to increasing the sustainability of every aspect of our company in order to keep people and the surrounding environment safe. 
Motor Power Company is walking its talk by adopting low-environmental-impact production processes and offering products featuring energy-saving technology.