Direct Drive

Direct drive motors

Products incorporating direct drive technology – like all Motor Power Company products – are entirely designed and produced in-house.

This technology – both linear and rotative - allows a direct connection between the input power and the output mechanical load, without the use of gears or other mechanical transmission elements.

Our extensive series of motors based on direct drive technology offers several advantages, including higher efficiency, better accuracy, increased reliability, a longer lifespan, simplified maintenance, and allow smaller machine footprint.

Our significant know-how, gained in a diversity of industrial sectors, both on national and international markets, has enabled us to come up with tech solutions that have brought real application advantages to machines, resulting in savings, efficiency and precision.

Our torque and linear direct drive electric motors are energy-efficient units reducing environmental impacts, optimizing the consumption of energy and improving industrial processes.


Motore Direct Drive Lineare SKA DDL 7 (1)


Direct Drive Linear Motor

Based on direct drive iron core technology, SKA DDL linear electric motors provide the typical advantages of direct drive motors.

Motore Direct Drive SKA COMPACT 1

SKA Compact

Direct Drive Linear Motor

Motor Power Company designed SKA Compact linear motion system for those who have identified linear technology as the ideal solution for their machine’s axis motion but prefer not to deal with the mechanical integration of the frameless version.

Motore Direct Drive Lineare SKA DDL 3

SKA Rotary Table

Direct Drive Torque Motor

The technology of the SKA Rotary Table series delivers what typical direct drive rotary table applications require: high-precision mechanical motion control and ability to support very high axial loads with elevated efficiency, excellent accuracy and raised reliability.

Motore Direct Drive SKA DDR 1


Direct Drive Torque Motor

Servomotors with rotary direct drive technology with advantages in terms of dynamics, accuracy, repeatability, energy savings and low-maintenance performance.