Brushless servo motors

Motor Power Company boasts a comprehensive variety of brushless servo motors to cover a wide range of applications. Based on more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, we offer the possibility of applying motion control operated either with brushed and brushless technology.

Our high-performance brushless servo motors coupled to a sensor for position feedback and to our smart drives bring the advantage of a complete controlled motion solutions.

Our series incorporates brushless servo motor technology with a reputation for guaranteed reliability; series go from custom solutions to high performance brushless servo motor models till to extreme performance models for severe condition applications.

All our categories of brushless motors allow extraordinary choice and flexibility so you can opt the best servo motor for your application.

For discovering the advantages of brushless motor and the best customized or standard motion solutions cooperate with our application engineering team. Motor Power Company designs solutions in partnership with its customers’ technical staff. Our organization is flexible, with rapid processes and on-time delivery.


Servomotore Brushless TC4 1

Tetra Compact 4

Brushless servo motor

The compact sized brushless servo motor: speed and power density are the attributes of the latest series Tetra Compact 4.

Servomotore Brushless TETRA COMPACT LOW V 1

Tetra Compact Low-Voltage

Brushless servo motor

The series of brushless servo motors for low voltage applications.

Servomotore Brushless TETRA COMPACT X 1

Tetra Compact Extreme

Brushless servo motor

The brushless servo motor series to control applications with extreme environment conditions.

Servomotore Brushless TETRA COMPACT E 1

Tetra Compact - Enhanced

Brushless servo motor

The best series for dynamic, accurate and reliable automation, delivering on the promise of superior quality standards, certifications, careful selection of components and a wide choice of models.

Servomotore Brushless TETRA COMPACT 1

Tetra Motors & Tetra Compact

Brushless servo motor

The versatile ac synchronous and brushless dc motors range.

Our Solutions 7

E-Mobility brushless solutions

Based on brushless technology our dc low voltage servo motors are designed and developed following specific needs of electric vehicles supplied for e-mobility field.