Material Handling

In modern manufacturing, the organization flow of input material till the finished product output is called material handling. Moving, protecting, storing and controlling materials over their entire operational cycle up to distribution, is a process that incorporates a wide range of manual, semi-automated and fully automated operations that are put in place to improve inventory, shorten delivery time and lower overall costs. 




An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is an unmanned mobile robot that follows markers or wires in the floor, or uses vision or lasers (LGV – laser guided vehicle).

They are most often used in industrial applications to move materials around a manufacturing facility or a warehouse and allow to increase handling efficiency and allowing modular adaption of the architecture due to easy implementation of extra vehicles.

Products for AGV - LGV:


Cross Belt Sorter

The main sorter component, known as the carrier, consists of a series of carts which are actually small bi-directional conveyor belts.

The configuration of the cross belt sorter can either be in a straight line or in a loop, high throughput of a vast range of products, flexible integration into existing layouts, low operating costs, simple mechanical construction, and a higher density of sort locations are the main benefits guaranteed by cross belt solutions. Sorting of smaller items in the following industries are typical applications:

  • Parcel-Courier
  • Postal
  • Health & beauty
  • Entertainment
  • Electronics
  • Retail
  • Clothing & apparel
  • Mail order fullfilment

Products for Cross Belt Sorter:


Pallet Conveyor

Pallet Conveyors  allow efficient transport, accumulation, lifting, and sorting of heavy loads as an alternative to forklifts handling.

In warehouse automation operations, a pallet conveyor is generally utilized to move loads of several hundreds kilograms while ensuring continuous feed of work and cutting edge efficiency.

Products for Pallet Conveyor:


Roller Conveyor

Very common handling solution that is used to move the material from one place to other within a facility, either in case of small or bulky goods (from envelops to pallets), typically driven by motorollers.

Fast, efficient, modular, easy to maintain and suitable for different materials: these are the characteristics that made conveyors popular in material handling, packaging and even non industrial appliances (supermarkets, airports, etc..).

Products for Roller Conveyor:


Shuttle System

Shuttle Systems are semi-automatic material handling systems that automatically store and retrieve cases, boxes, trays and other containers.

The shuttles move on a rail along the storage system; they place and retrieve raw materials or finished products in warehouses, factories and stores to pick up and deliver products to their designated workstation. 

Products for Shuttle System: