Corrente Continua (Penta Rok Esa)

DC motors, servo motors and worm gear motors

DC technology has been one of the pillars on which Motor Power Company’s design and production have been founded ever since its inception.  Our dc motors, servomotors and gearmotors are still a successful and robust part of our business, powering machines all over the world very reliably and with great capacity, delivering constant power and excellent performance, with no compromises in technique.

DC servo motor are typically better suited for versatile and ease-of-use applications across a variety of industrial fields. Characterized by their reputation for ruggedness, robustness and long MTBF these dc motors are also recognized for their fast response, accurate control and high torque-to-inertia ratios.


Servomotore Corrente Continua ESA 1


Brushed servo motor

In its brushed servo motor configuration, the ESA series gets a prominent place in the DC technology range.

Motore Corrente Continua PENTA 1


Brushed electric motor

Reliable, hard-wearing, high-performance, versatile. The Penta DC brushed electric motor has been in production for over 30 years.

Motoriduttore ROK 1


DC brushed gear motor

The strength of this worm gear motor series lies in the direct coupling between brushed electric motor and worm gearbox.