Drive DMR PC 6 50 1

DMR PC-6/50

Dual Axes Drives

These drives are designed and developed in order to offer a perfect bundle with the pallet conveyor motor roller, ensuring optimal performance and reliability and the maximum level of control and accuracy needed for applications utilized to move pallets or other large, heavy items, usually applied at the end of line in material handling. Very easy and smart commissioning for an advanced motion control of two motor rollers.


  • DUAL axes drive
  • Nominal supply voltage 48 Vdc
  • Maximum supply voltage 60 Vdc
  • Nominal current 6 A
  • Peak current 15 A
  • Dimensions 173x105,5x45 mm
  • Mounting model wall mount on back side
  • Operating ambient temperature 0° ~ 40° C (32° ~ 104° F)
  • Protection level IP20
  • Profinet and Ethercat fieldbus

Title Type Date Size Action
MATERIAL HANDLING SECTOR v01 04 2023 pdf 07/04/2023 4.39MB Download
MOTION CONTROL PRODUCTS v10 2023 pdf 17/04/2024 4.00MB Download

Title Type Date Size Action
INSTALLATION GUIDE DMR PC 6 50 X X V2 pdf 05/09/2023 2.37MB Download
CONTROL&PROGR MANUAL DMR PC 6 50 X X V1 pdf 05/09/2023 2.65MB Download

Title Type Date Size Action
GSDML PC DUO V2.00 rar 05/09/2023 0.10MB Download
EIS V1 MPC DMR PC eds 27/10/2023 0.01MB Download
XML V1.01 MPC PC DUO zip 27/10/2023 0.00MB Download
Devexui V.A.01.8B zip 30/10/2023 59.04MB Download
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Material Handling
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