Privacy Policy

Subject: Privacy statement for customers and suppliers issued by Motor Power Company s.r.l. 



1) based on establishment and during the course of the business relationship, our company will find itself in the position of collecting and processing your personal data;

Data processing: any operation, also carried out without the aid of electronic instruments, relating to the collection, registration, organization, storage, consulting, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, forwarding, distribution, deletion or destruction of data;

Personal data: any information relating to the natural or fictitious person, body or association, identified or identifiable, also indirectly, by referring to any other information, including a personal ID number;

now, therefore, we hereby inform you that your personal data will be collected and processed by the undersigned company in compliance with the following:

a.   purposes: the data will be processed in order to properly meet all the accounting, tax, trade and technical obligations and for all the company activities in general which relate to the existing business relationship, hiring process;

b.   advertising purposes: the data may be used, subject to the prior explicit consent, which may also include the sending of advertising material/messages by post, email, fax, text messages and others; after giving your consent, you are still entitled to oppose the processing of your data for such purposes at any time and at no cost;

c.   method: data will be processed using both printed documents/media and electronic/IT/telematics media, in full compliance with the law, according to principles of lawfulness and fairness and in such a way as to safeguard your privacy;

d.   optional provision of data: the provision of data is optional and not mandatory;

e.   consequences of refusal: the refusal to provide data or the total objection to the processing of such data may, however, make it impossible to continue with a business relationship or relationships of any other nature with our company; denial to use the data for the sending of advertising material/messages will, however, not affect existing or future relationships in any way;

f.    subjects or categories of subjects to whom the data may be forwarded: the data may be forwarded to persons outside the company such as subsidiaries/parent companies and affiliates, lawyers, accountants, labour consultants, banks, credit recovery companies, factoring companies, agents/representatives and trade associations etc. which provided services to our company. The data will not be circulated in any event;

g.   company personnel in charge of data processing: the data will be processed exclusively by company personnel entrusted with the data processing in the administration and sales division;

h.   your rights: the person concerned will enjoy all the rights set forth in Reg. EU 2016/679 art. 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22;

i.    data controller: the data controller is the legal representative of Motor Power Company s.r.l., with head offices at n. 4 Via Leonardo Da Vinci, Castelnovo di Sotto (RE).

Further elements and indications may be added to this privacy statement, either orally or in writing, in order to meet any requirement relating to "Privacy" best way possible, and to comply with any changes in the law.





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