Integrated Company
Management System


The expression Quality, Safety and Environment for Motor Power Company is not only the synthesis of an integrated system of company policies, launched since 1997, but above all a belief in values ​​on which to base the culture and business management.
To date, the System consists of three certifications:
ISO 09001 ed. 2015, to guarantee a quality system applied in the company since 1997
ISO 14001 ed. 2015, which confirms the attention to sustainable company and people behavior
ISO 45001 ed. 2018, to establish the fundamental attention to the safety of people and workplaces.
To the aforementioned system, Motor Power Company has added the Organization, Management and Control model and the Code of Ethics, briefly known as Organizational Model 231.



The Board of Directors of Motor Power Company has resolved to adopt the Company’s Organisational, Management and Control Programme in order to create a coherent and comprehensive system of rules, procedures and preventive control activities, with the aim of preventing commission of offences within the meaning of Legislative Decree No 231/2001 by identifying activities particularly exposed to risk of such offences and putting in place relevant procedures; the principles and provisions of the said Programme apply to anyone having relevant dealings with the Company, including those having professional and/or business relationships with the company.

Motor Power Company adopts the Ethical Code, listing the main ethical principles for the purposes of preventing criminal offences under Legislative Decree No 231/2001.

Motor Power Company appoints the Supervisory Body, charged with overseeing the workings and effectiveness of and compliance with the Company Programme and Ethical Code.



Read the general part of 231 Organizal, Management and Control Model, in accordance with Legislative Decree No 231 of 8 June 2001 and amendments

Environmental, Quality and Safety Policy

Motor Power Company is ISO 9001 certified since 1997; it has always believed and still believes that the care for people safety and the respect for the environment are strategic company values. In addition to the Quality Policy, already used inside the company, the Company Management deemed it necessary to implement an Environmental and Safety Policy that will contribute to create an integrated Company Management System. This document describes the main targets of the policies adopted:



  • Creating a company culture aiming at safeguarding the environment, involving all in-house and out-sourced staff (Customers, Suppliers, Collaborators) by providing them with the suitable equipment and knowledge
  • Complying with all law prescriptions and compulsory regulations in force regarding the environment, that can be applied to the company's activities not as a duty, RATHER as a steady and long lasting engagement for spreading the culture of respect of the environment
  • Decreasing pollution also by reducing waste and stimulating waste recovery and recycling
  • Preventing and avoiding possible accidents that might damage the environment
  • Implementing the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 ed. 2015


The ever-growing theme of sustainability has meant that the need to quantify the environmental impact produced by individuals and businesses on a daily basis in regular activities is even more perceived.
And this is exactly what Motor Power Company intends to do in the coming months, reducing its CO2 emission by 50% within 2025

By increasingly embracing a sustainable, open, innovative economy, geared towards improving the quality of life of people and the planet, Motor Power Company pursues the most sustainable and environmentally friendly changes that have already been introduced for some time.