Brushed servo motor

In its brushed servo motor configuration, the ESA series gets a prominent place in the DC technology range. It is ideal for handling work that must deliver on positioning accuracy, variations in speed during the work cycle, and linear rotation.

Benefits they have in common with other industrial brushed motors are versatility – the motor can be conveniently configured with different options depending on the needed type of control – and reliability.

The ESA series provides all the characteristics of a winning choice when dc brushed motors are the preferred choice over brushless motors, especially in applications where the simplicity of the architecture is decisive.


  • Torque range between 0.32Nm and 15Nm
  • Integrated 4-pole tachogenerator with rare earth magnets
  • Protection rating IP54 
  • Dedicated electromagnetic circuit to counteract the adverse effects of cogging torques
  • Commutator with large number of segments

Title Type Date Size Action
ESA Catalogue Eng v01 2004 pdf 07/04/2023 1.74MB Download
MOTION CONTROL PRODUCTS v10 2023 pdf 17/04/2024 4.00MB Download

Title Type Date Size Action
Man Motors Ita Eng Fra Deu pdf 17/01/2023 0.70MB Download
Declaration Of Conformity DC pdf 15/04/2024 0.17MB Download
Dichiarazione Di Conformità corrente continua pdf 15/04/2024 0.16MB Download
Dichiarazione Di Incorporazione pdf 15/04/2024 0.19MB Download
Declaration Of Incorporation pdf 15/04/2024 0.20MB Download
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