Tetra Compact 4

Brushless servo motor

Introducing the TETRA COMPACT 4 series from Motor Power Company a breakthrough in high-performance brushless servo motors. Born from years of hands-on experience, these motors redefine the standards in the brushless servomotors category.
With a unique design that is 30% shorter than its predecessors, the TETRA COMPACT 4 series maintains exceptional power density, effi ciency, and speed, setting a new benchmark for AC synchronous motors.

This series features 10-pole servomotors with a variety of feedback options, offering unmatched quality and a broad range of power ratings. Perfectly suited for modern machine performance requirements, Motor Power Company doesn’t just provide individual components but complete motion solutions. Pairing these high-performance servomotors with versatile drives of BL servo series, the TETRA COMPACT 4 series excels across a diverse array of applications.
Welcome to a new era of innovation and efficiency in motion technology.


  • Motor type Three-phase BPM synchronous servo motor
  • Available frame sizes 40 – 60 – 80 – 100 – 130 – 150 – 180 mm
  • Rated output torque From 0.16 to 47.75 Nm
  • Rated output power From 50 to 7500 W
  • Rated servomotor speed Up to 6000 rpm
  • Maximum servomotor speed Up to 8000 rpm
  • Insulation class F (155 °C)
  • Protection class IP 65 (with oil seal)
  • Ambient operating temperature -20 ÷ +40 °C
  • Temperature sensor PT1000 (no sensor for size 40)
  • Feedback: Resolver, TTL Encoder, Absolute Encoder (Hiperface, EnDat, BiSS Line, RS-485)
  • Approvals CE, Rohs, Reach, UL fi le: E216686 - MPC IF 155

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