Tetra Compact Low-Voltage

Brushless servo motor

The Tetra Compact Low Voltage category includes brushless low voltage dc servo motors from 60W to 800W models with 40-, 60-, and 80-mm flange and incorporates windings that allow applications operating at low voltage, either for safety reasons or in case of battery-powered system.

This series is completed by the range of brushless servo controllers Lite Pro, a compact series of digital drives particularly conceived to offer controlled motion solutions where minimized power density is a must.


  • Rare earth magnets synchronous brushless servo motor
  • Up to 5000 rpm servo motor speed
  • Insulation class F
  • IP 65 rating for motor casing
  • RAL 9005 black powder coating
  • PT 1000 thermal protection (excluding TC 40)
  • Shaft balance grade G 2.5, to ISO 1940
  • Keyed or keyless shaft
  • Feedback: 2-pole resolver, TTL encoder, multi-turn absolute encoder (Hiperface)
  • Connection cables for TC 40
  • 90° rotary connectors (IP 67) for all other models
  • Optional zero backlash, permanent magnet emergency brake
  • Optional shaft oil seal
  • UL certification

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