Direct Drive Linear Motor

Based on direct drive iron core technology, SKA DDL linear electric motors provide the typical advantages of direct drive motors. No kinematic chain means improved performance and positioning accuracy, increased energy savings, minimised maintenance, got higher velocity control.

In their frameless version (i.e. primary and secondary parts), SKA DDL linear motors offer the possibility to integrate the motion into the mechanics of the machine in a completely immersive way. No energy losses associated with mechanical transmissions, resulting in higher overall system efficiency. Complete integration can be particularly useful in applications where space is limited or where precision is critical.


  • 40N to 2400N continuous force
  • Speed up to 5 m/s
  • Acceleration up to 5g (50 m/s²)
  • NdFeB magnets
  • Transducers: SinCos encoder, TTL sensors, absolute optical and magnetic sensors, Hall effect sensors

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SKA DDL Catalogue Eng v01 08 2019 pdf 07/04/2023 2.01MB Download
MOTION CONTROL PRODUCTS v10 2023 pdf 31/10/2023 4.00MB Download

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Declaration Of Conformity brushless direct drive pdf 15/04/2024 0.17MB Download
Dichiarazione Di Conformità brushless direct drive pdf 15/04/2024 0.17MB Download

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SKA COMPACT and SKA DDL manual Ita Eng pdf 27/01/2023 1.03MB Download
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