SKA Compact

Direct Drive Linear Motor

Motor Power Company designed SKA Compact linear motion system for those who have identified linear technology as the ideal solution for their machine’s axis motion but prefer not to deal with the mechanical integration of the frameless version. It is a complete plug-and-play linear system that brilliantly brings the performance of linear direct drive technology to easy-to-install extruded aluminium casings. This iron-core, high-force-density linear direct drive synchronous motor is especially suited to applications with frequent direction reversals and where accurate positioning is critical. Freedom from the backlash typical of conventional systems, lower energy consumption, installation versatility, and the option of combining multiple axes are some of the advantages of this motion solution. 


  • 58N to 1600N continuous force
  • Speed up to 5m/s
  • Acceleration up to 50 m/s²
  • 0.01mm to 0.1mm accuracy
  • Mechanical components in fully sealed, high IP-rated enclosure
  • NdFeB magnets
  • Transducers: SinCos encoder, optical and magnetic TTL sensors, Hall effect sensors

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SKA Compact Catalogue Eng v05 2012 pdf 07/04/2023 5.52MB Download
SKA Compact Catalogo Ita v05 2012 pdf 07/04/2023 5.55MB Download
MOTION CONTROL PRODUCT v10 2023 pdf 17/04/2024 4.00MB Download

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Dichiarazione Di Conformità brushless direct drive pdf 15/04/2024 0.17MB Download
Declaration Of Conformity brushless direct drive pdf 15/04/2024 0.17MB Download

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SKA COMPACT and SKA DDL manual Ita Eng pdf 27/01/2023 1.03MB Download
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