Electrified vehicles are increasingly dominating transportation to respond to growing need of reliable, safe and sustainable transport. Either trains in railway or underground, as well as  motorbikes, scooters, cars and trucks are more and more adopting mobility solutions based on electric motors specifically studied for battery operated functionality and to ensuring pollution free circulation.

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Footstep application is generally employing motors to move (extract, lift up/down and close) the small platform where pedestrians walk onto for getting in to the train or exiting. Robustness, exposure to different climate conditions and highest reliability are the main characteristics expected from the electric motor.

Gates and door opening: either in accessing the station through gates or to trains coaches through sliding doors, the opening motion is ensured by electric motors whose design is strongly based on compliance with reliability and safety to safeguard passengers and still to respond to the need of working with different climate conditions.

E-mobility is by far one of the most promising industries of the last decades. The need of ensuring clean and efficient mobility with the purpose of spreading sustainability and allowing vehicles circulation inside city centers anytime is taking electric motion technology to become more and more predominant in transportation means.