High precision industrial robot Galileo Sphere Robot

Galileo Sphere Robot

Mechatronic core solutions

The Galileo Sphere robot is the first robot constructed entirely from direct drive technology. Its movements are generated by combinations of pendular and linear movements. This robot’s direct drive system makes it possible to achieve extremely high precision without compromising responsiveness and the ability to handle significant weights. The system boasts an impressive MTBF as well as exceptional mechanical efficiency. Galileo Sphere Robot can reach any point within its operating volume, and even work on multiple levels. Galileo Sphere Robot is a truly original and innovative solution. Its unique design gives it an extended operating area typical of anthropomorphic robots plus an ability to handle heavy loads normally only found in parallel robots.

Galileo Sphere Robot – Characteristics:

  • 5 degrees of freedom
  • No singularity despite a large operating volume
  • Compact work station
  • Gripper able to lift and rotate up to 30 kg
  • Up to 90° object rotation in the work area