MTR - Gearless Motor Driven Rollers

Gearless Motor Driven Rollers

A perfect combination of gearless motors and smart drives, these bundles were conceived as a specific product for conveyors, cross belts or any other roller transfer system. These controlled motion solutions ensure high durability since they can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use in a demanding environment and the units are able to handle an extensive range of tasks and materials, in order to be useful in several handling applications.

Available in two versions: the frameless cartridge motor without tube, for insertion into the roller; and power pack version, a ready-to-use motorized unit that includes cartridge and rollers in different design. The motor uses technology derived from direct drive torque motors. Consequently, the motion is transmitted directly from the motor to the load, with no gear transmission mechanisms involved.


Gearless is better why this technology ensures:

  • High MTBF, since the motor-driven roller requires fewer components than a motor-gearbox pair
  • Improved system efficiency, due to the absence of gears in the motor
  • Accuracy, thanks to feedback reliability
  • High dynamics with direct drive technology
  • Smoother and quieter operation, due to the absence of gears in the motor
  • Easy replacement: with DMR Drive’s auto-addressing system, no configuration is required when replacing with a new motor driven roller
  • Easy commissioning; a unique part number does away with the need to handle different gearbox ratios according to different speed needs
  • Wide choice of speeds: only one motor driven roller for the entire speed range

Technical features

  • Three models: diameter 46-60 and 76 mm
  • Power from 50 to 260 Watt
  • Torque from 0,16 to 3,1 Nm
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Easy commissioning smart drives perfect matched with all motor driven rollers

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