Forse cercavi: Servo Azionamenti per applicazioni industriali Motor Power progetta servoazionamenti per applicazioni industriali di ogni tipo e garantisce affidabilità e precisione in ogni prodotto. Servo drives for industrial applications  FLEXI PRO


AC servodrives

The FLEXI PRO series of high performance, digital, AC servo drives combines advanced functionalities with beautifully simple start-up. Thanks to their innovative hardware design and advanced software algorithms, these servo drives are among the best performing and most compact on the market. They boast an excellent power/size ratio and offer extremely dynamic and accurate motion control in applications where trajectories and trajectory control play a fundamental role in machine functioning or processing.

FLEXI PRO AC servo drives – Characteristics:

  • Multifeedback
  • Digital I/O: 11 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs, customisable with different integrated functions
  • Internal script
  • Control: HD advanced control loop with adaptive gain
  • Servo modes: torque, speed and position with S-curve motion profile
  • Safe torque off (STO) SIL2
  • Integrated support for external brake resistor
  • Complete motor database