Pallet Conveyor Rollers

Heavy-duty Motor Driven Rollers

Our pallet conveyor motor rollers are used to move pallets or other large, heavy items, usually on end-of-line in material handling. The design of these motorized units allows equipments to reach efficient and reliable automation  in handling, sorting and storing operations.

Motorized pallet conveyor rollers are designed to withstand the weight and impact of heavy loads and are powerful and capable to move payload till 1500 kg. This series, with its two large diameter models, provides excellent support for the load and reduces the risk of deflection. Our pallet conveyor rollers respond punctually to all needs in packaging, palletizing, shipping, storage, manufacturing setting as final assembly or inspection station. The perfect bundle with its own well-matched drive ensures optimal performance and reliability and the maximum level of control and accuracy needed for the applications.


  • External diam. 89mm and 70mm
  • 400W high density power brushless motor roller
  • 48Vdc and 400Vac
  • 3 stages planetary gearbox
  • Motoroller size 89 with planetary «lifetime» lubricated gearbox, conveyor speed 16,2 m/min (0,27 m/sec)
  • Motoroller size 70 with planetary «lifetime» lubricated gearbox, conveyor speed 22,2 m/min (0,37 m/sec)
  • IP 54
  • Class F
  • Payload up to 1500 Kg
  • A perfect match with the tailored DMR PC brushless servo drive allows flexible and precise motion control operations at the end of line

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