Electric plug and play servo motor  SKA COMPACT


Direct drive linear

SKA Compact servo motors are complete, plug and play systems that combine high performance, direct drive, linear motor technology with easy to install extruded aluminium casings. These iron core design and high force density of these synchronous, linear servo motors make them particularly suitable for applications requiring frequent direction reversals and accurate positioning. Freedom from the mechanical backlash typical of conventional gearboxes, reduced energy consumption, versatile installation and the possibility of combining multiple axes are just some of the advantages offered by this solution.

SKA COMPACT linear servo motors – Characteristics:

  • 58 N to 1600 N continuous force 
  • Up to 5 m/s speed
  • Up to 50m/s² acceleration 
  • 0.01 mm to 0.1 mm accuracy
  • Fully enclosed casing for high IP protection rating
  • NdFeB magnets
  • Transducers: SinCos encoder, optical and magnetic TTL sensors, Hall effect sensors