ILSM - Independent Linear Synchronous Motors

Mechatronic systems

ILSM - Independent Linear Synchronous Motors - are a complete mechatronic solution with direct drive technology, based on independent linear motor-powered carriers. Consisting of linear motors, feedback, drives, and control and motion software libraries, the motion control is designed and produced by Motor Power Company and then assembled in a modular mechanical structure especially developed to get the most out of the dynamics of the system. This results in a mechatronic solution featuring independent, flexible and programmable motion ideal for the light assembly industry, delivering game-changing advantages compared to conventional motion systems.


  • “Moving magnet” configuration
  • Noise from the system drastically reduced
  • Zero maintenance
  • No friction
  • Quick stop
  • Integrated encoder
  • Accurate speed control
  • High energy efficiency
  • User-friendly
  • Modular system
  • Fieldbus: Profinet and Ethercat

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