Mechatronic core solutions

The LSM mechatronic solution was created to meet – beyond all expectations – the requirement for reliable, sustainable handling that arises in the drive, material handling and logistics sectors. LSM responds to needs that are already self-evident or latent in these applications, which first and foremost demand robust systems with the capacity for non-stop work cycles, but with the potential for complete control of speed and precision. With the development of technology and awareness of environmental sustainability, needs have also emerged connected with energy efficiency and the reduction of noise.
Motor Power Company has worked alongside leaders in the sector and the result of analysing their requirements is the LSM system, which employs direct drive technology and draws on all of its advantages: that means greater efficiency, great potential for control, energy saving and maintenance that’s practically inexistent. The LSM system comprises three electric coils, three magnetic tracks, three drives and an encoder that also controls the loop with peerless results. Watch the video

Characteristics of the LSM drive system

  • “Moving magnet” configuration
  • Drastic reduction in noise from the system
  • No maintenance
  • No friction
  • Quick stop
  • Built-in encoder with 8 mm accuracy
  • Precise speed control
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Modular system

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